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Community Policy

Our motto is “Love Where You Live!”  

All that we do at Weaver Creek  is geared toward building a community of good neighbors, which means our residents have significant responsibility for helping us become just that. Our community’s norms for premier living are more than just a set of rules and regulations. They’re about people being friendly, courteous and respectful. Those qualities make for good neighbors, and they determine, as much as anything else, the quality and character of the Weaver Creek community.

The three ways residents contribute most to making Weaver Creek a great community are:

  1. Knowing and understanding the terms of their lease agreement, including the community guidelines and policies.
  2. Giving us suggestions on how we can improve Weaver Creek.
  3. Recommending Weaver Creek to friends and associates who’d make good neighbors.

The community guidelines and policies booklet* is your reference and guide to premier living. It provides helpful information, such as utility telephone numbers, address and insurance information for use prior to your moving day and concludes with tips and hints to help you maintain your home. It will acquaint you with:

  • community amenities and facilities,
  • your apartment home and maintenance-related matters, and
  • important safety and lease contract issues.

Consider the guidelines and policies as the source for “Everything you want and need to know about living at  Weaver Creek.”

* Residents may obtain a copy of the Community Guidelines and Policies from the Weaver Creek office staff.