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Moving Checklist

Here’s a little help from your friendly staff at Weaver Creek to make sure you don’t overlook something important. Let us know if we can help with any other information. Print This Page for a handy reference sheet or download for reference.

PRIOR to Moving Day…


Address Change – Notify:

Your New Address:

   Weaver Creek Apartments
   5100 S Main Ave Apt _____

   5140 S. Main Ave Apt_____
   Springfield, Mo 65810

Renter’s Insurance

Be prepared. Weaver Creek’s property and casualty insurance does not cover damage or loss to your personal belongings. We strongly recommend that you protect your personal property by investing in renter’s insurance to guard against theft, fire, smoke and water damage, etc. The Weaver Creek office can supply you with brochures from neighborhood agencies, or you can contact your insurance agent for details.

The Lease – It’s Official

Many find moving day less hectic if the lease/paperwork is completed prior to your move-in date. This will allow you time to review and be clear on all the material before you move in. Just call the office at (417) 872-9555, arrange to have your lease prepared, and we’ll have it ready for your signature in advance of your move.


Photograph of your pet—only pets identified on the signed lease addendum will occupy the premises.

Moving Personal Belongings

  • Set a date to move. Moving Date: ______________________________
  • Contact a moving company or reserve a moving truck (allow 2-4 weeks notice in the summer).
  • Notify the Weaver Creek office of your moving date: (417) 872-9555.

Moving Tips…

  • Label boxes (i.e., kitchen – glasses, living room – lamps)
  • Use smaller boxes for heavier objects (i.e., books, computers)
  • List/inventory all boxes and keep a copy in a safe place
  • Pack fridge/freezer items in a cooler(s)
  • Obtain supplies: bubble wrap (may be purchased from a moving company) is best when packing china, glass, etc. (Newspaper tends to stain).

Moving Day…

  • Schedule and confirm a planned starting time with those who are  moving you.
  • Assign someone to check-off boxes as they are delivered.
  • Prepare a simple meal ahead of time or have extra money to eat in/order out.

 “L’Amour la ou Vivez!”