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Pet Friendly

Weaver Creek welcomes your four-legged family member(s). A part of caring for your family pet means being a “good neighbor” (courteous and respectful of others). Please take a moment to read our pet-friendly guidelines:

What size pet may reside at Weaver Creek? We require that pets are no bigger than thirty (30-lbs) pounds when fully grown. ALL pets must be at least 1 year of age and housebroken.

How many pets to an apartment home? Two (2) pets.  That’s double the lovin’.

Who’s Who of Pets? Only those pet(s) identified on the signed lease addendum will occupy the premises—the Weaver Creek staff considers your pet part of our community. 

Breeds? We hope you can understand that only breeds of a none aggressive nature are allowed (please no rottweilers, pit bull-types or a cross breed containing one or more of these breeds, etc.). Call the office for clarification if needed (417) 883-9522.

What’s the “good neighbor policy”? Taking a bag when you head outside to pick up after your pet. Weaver Creek provides pet waste stations located throughout the property for your convenience.

You make the difference. Picking up after your pet(s) has a positive impact on your neighbors. How?

  1. By reducing health issues for fellow residents.
  2. Active fine prevention – violation fines can be up to $50 in fines.
  3. Courteous and respectful – Not picking up after your pets and other policy violations may lead to a request to remove your pet from the property.

Did you know? Springfield Law requires dogs be kept inside except when on a leash and accompanied by and under control of the resident.

Take care. As a resident, you are responsible for injuries or damage to person or property caused by your pet.

They’re worth it! Weaver Creek has a one-time  $300 pet fee per pet and a $25 per pet per month pet rent .  

 Phase II is a dog free community (cats are allowed), but Phase I welcomes both dogs and cats!

Weaver Creek can not guarantee a pet-free unit.